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How To Find Best Hotel Deals?

How To Find Best Hotel Deals
It’s easy to blow your travel budget on full-price lodging. Learn how to get cheap hotel rooms so you can spend your hard-earned cash on something more memorable.

Do you get a better room if you book direct with hotel?

Advantages of Booking a Hotel Directly – As you might expect, booking a hotel directly with the place you plan to stay offers many advantages. You can speak to someone at the location about any special accommodations you may need, such as a wheelchair-accessible room or allergen-free pillows.

  1. Many people find this more reassuring than counting on a third-party site to relay their requests.
  2. You can often find better rates by booking directly, too — a concern for budget-conscious travelers.
  3. By calling a hotel directly, you find out about any specials perks or packages they have available.
  4. In some cases, you can get a better room for the same amount of money.

Plus, you can use military IDs or AAA memberships to gain discounts at many hotels when you book directly. Third-party sites will not provide these opportunities.

What days are cheapest to book hotels?

What time of year should I avoid hotel stays? – If your main goal is to save money, booking a hotel off-season is the way to go. That means avoiding popular domestic or European destinations in the summer and opting for spring or fall instead. Likewise, you won’t find many deals in Palm Springs, Mexico, or the Caribbean in winter.

  1. While some holiday gatherings and special events have been on hold due to the pandemic, typically around these times (and if the events are actually going ahead) you will see hotel rates shoot up as well—think Christmas in Hawai‘i, New Year’s Eve in New York City, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans,
  2. In short, remember that getting the best deal on a hotel room comes down to a few basic rules: Make your bookings on a more favorable day of the week (try Tuesday or the weekend), try for last minute if you can, travel off-season whenever possible, and avoid checking in on Friday.

This story originally appeared in 2019, and has been updated to include current information. Deb Hopewell is a freelance lifestyle and travel journalist who spent nearly two decades working at newspapers like San Jose’s The Mercury News before becoming the editor of Yahoo Travel for six years.

Can you save in last minute hotel deals?

When to Book a Hotel to Save Money – Figuring out the best time to book a hotel isn’t an exact science — there’s plenty of variation throughout the industry. But if we’re looking at statistics, the lowest prices for hotel rooms are typically found just 15 days before your stay.

  1. Yes, last-minute bookings are (usually) better.
  2. A 2022 NerdWallet study analyzed more than 2,500 hotel room rates from 2019 through the first half of 2021 and found an average of 13 percent savings for those who booked 15 days in advance as compared to those who booked four months in advance.
  3. Flashpop/Getty Images Keep in mind this is just an average and doesn’t take into account busy travel periods, such as the holidays, when you should definitely book in advance.

And according to data from the travel app Hopper, the 15-day benchmark is a good one for big business cities, such as New York and Chicago, but it’s not as accurate for vacation destinations like the Caribbean or Hawaii. In those destinations, Hopper notes that hotel rates are usually lowest about two or three months before your trip.

Is it cheaper to book online or call the hotel?

Don’t book through a travel site – When you’re looking for a hotel, travel discount sites like Kayak, Expedia or Hotels.com are good places to start – but don’t book there. Once you find the lowest available price at the hotel you want to visit, call the hotel’s reservation desk.

  • Many hotels will meet or beat the best internet rate when you book with them.
  • They’d much rather skip the commission to the travel site and book your stay directly.
  • The hotel might even throw in a free upgrade like a nicer room or complimentary breakfast.
  • If you’re not having any luck with the first person who answers, respectfully ask to speak to the sales manager.

Speaking of saving, I put together 8 proven ways to lower your monthly internet, cable, and streaming bills. You’re welcome.

Is it cheaper to wait to book a hotel?

If you’re debating when to book your hotel – Unless you’ve got your eyes on lavish lodging that otherwise has a fickle cancellation policy, you don’t save a whole lot by holding out in hopes of a better deal. On average, properties are about 13% cheaper when booked 15 days out versus four months out.

The biggest difference in pricing comes from high-end hotels, which average nearly 22% cheaper. But since budget properties are only 5% less expensive, no-frills travelers have little reason to procrastinate on booking hotel rooms. Double-check the fine print because there’s a good chance you can book and lock in a rate now, then cancel and rebook later if the rate drops.

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Is it cheaper to book Travelodge last minute?

Our room prices explained – Our room prices are set dynamically depending on the level of demand. The higher the demand for a room, the higher the price is likely to be. Generally, our lowest price rooms are sold well in advance and will not be available close to the date of stay.

Therefore, by booking as early as possible you are more likely to get the best value stay. In some cases where demand drops, prices may drop too. In addition, we may occasionally run promotions and discounts, which may result in a lower price being made available. Saver Rates If you’re planning a night away and don’t want to spend a fortune, our saver rate is for you.

Search and pay in advance for great value starting from £34, Our saver rate rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable, but can be amended for a £10.00 amendment fee. Flexible Rates Whether you’re travelling on business or leisure, our flexible rate allows you to be just that! Available every night at every hotel, our flexible rates allow you to book up to the date of arrival and cancel or amend your booking up to midday on the date of arrival, without charge.

When should I book a hotel for best price reddit?

I work for a hotel chain booking reservations (central reservation center), and I see people making mistakes all the time. Here are some tips.

If you are booking a hotel room online, by all means check third party websites like hotels.com, booking.com, expedia etc. Find your dates and compare rates. But then, call the actual hotel reservation line and tell them. They will most likely match the rates you found and probably give you a better deal or free stuff. Reason? They sell wholesale to third party sites, so therefore can sell for less than what third party sites retail for and still make more money. Hotels often jokingly refer to their crappier rooms as the “expedia” rooms. In other words, how you book influences what you receive; they make less profit from third party bookings. Not all bookings are equal. The term “Best Available Rate” does not actually mean the lowest rate available. That’s just what they call the standard rate. After being quoted a “best available rate”, ask if there are any other promotions. If there’s good inventory, there will be. Sometimes you need to know the codes to get them, though. Joining the hotel’s loyalty program (email list) will get you those codes. Some pro stuff tips: Try asking for a “friends and family rate”. Just say you know someone at the hotel (if talking to a call center). They typically don’t check that stuff. The FFR can be substantially cheaper. Alternatively, ask for the “global business program” rate. That’s typically a rate offered to businesses that don’t already have negotiated rates, and can be 20% less than BAR (Best Available Rate). If you’re actually on a business trip this is legit in most cases. NEVER book an Advanced Purchase Rate if you can help it. These are usually pre-paid, non-cancellable and non-refundable. If you’re being offered this kind of rate on a website, read the fine print. Also, if this rate is available, typically there’s always another promotion that’s at least as cheap, that you don’t have to pre-pay and that can be cancelled. If you book online, for chrissakes don’t book the frigging “accessible” rooms unless you’re actually handicapped. Yes, “accessible” means ADA compliant. People book these all the time because websites don’t care, they just list inventories from databases, and they usually don’t point out the difference. I get calls every day because of this. Rates for the same room, on the same date will change alot in the time preceding. I’ve seen rooms booked at $150 go for $600 a few days before the actual date. So yes, rates change. There is no set rate. I’ve also seen them get really cheap if the rooms didn’t sell. Best advice; book it 2 months in advance if possible. Call back 1 month beforehand to see if you can lower the rate; if there’s a promo on or something, they will do it no problem. Call back a few days beforehand for the same reason. Some people know this strategy and it works well for them. AAA discounts are actually pretty good, and if you travel more than 3 days a year, it’s worth it.

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Is Hopper a legit app?

Is Hopper legit? Yes, it is! – So, the Hopper app is definitely legit. And it’s one of the best tools to find great deals on flights and hotels. With reliable pricing, discounts, rewards, and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong. And with millions of travelers worldwide already using it, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best price.

What app makes hotels cheaper?

Travel to the hotels we love, with deals you’ll love. From top-rated luxury hotels to tried-and-true favorites to one-of-a-kind boutiques, we work with great hotels (and only partner with hotels where we’d wanna stay). On-the-go? Use our app to book travel deals so good we don’t offer them on the web.

  • Experience the simplest hotel booking app – just 3 taps and a swipe to book in under 60 seconds.
  • Don’t miss our Daily Drop deals, which rocks awesome jaw-dropping hotel discounts.
  • Just swipe to unlock the extra special deal of the day and book your stay.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A BOOKING APP • Weekend stay? Last minute trip? Dream vacation? Business trips? All good.

Book tonight, next week, or up to 100 days in advance • We’ve got the hookup for deals on last minute hotel bookings wherever you travel to • Select hotels offer cancellable rates – only on our app. Look for the Cancellable badge before you book if you need travel flexibility • 24/7 customer support (from real, live, nice people) for every booking FIND HOTELS EASILY • Hotel descriptions provide the three reasons why we love it (and why you will too) • Our categories (like Basic, Hip and Luxe) make it easy to book the perfect hotel, bnb, inn, resort or over-the-top suite • Find hotels by city, neighborhood or filter by your trip needs.

Traveling with Fido? Toggle on “pet friendly” • Need a second opinion? Find hotel ratings, stay reviews and photos from fellow bookers • Frequent Traveler? Favorite your usual hotels HT PERKS PROGRAM • Loyalty is a breeze – the more you book, the better your hotel deals get! Level up to claim more travel discounts and rewards SOME TRIP IDEAS • Happy hour is never just an hour.

Book hotel deals where tonight takes you • Skip the commute. With a same day last minute hotel deal, traffic can wait • Travel for business or pleasure – or both? Lock down biz travel then book another hotel night, it’s a vacation deal! • Group traveling made simple.

Book multiple hotel rooms for the ultimate friends vacation • Summer road trips are fun. Find new hotels at every stop and enjoy the cheap discounts • Surprise! A last minute trip is the best gift. Book rooms and text the BFF “Vegas, tonight” • Invite a fellow traveler or two on your last hurrah, and book the most over-the-top rooms or VIP suite • Spontaneous travel decision? Booking a trip on a whim is fun with deals! “The app made its name with last-minute deals, but you can plan as far as 100 days out and even score baller rooms for way less” – Conde Nast Traveler (2017) Whether traveling near or far, searching for last minute trips and local hotel deals is easy! Download the HotelTonight booking app today to stay at awesome hotels with great deals.

Plan less and live more! Apr 24, 2023 Version 23.4.1 HotelTonight brings you amazing hotel deals for tonight, tomorrow and beyond! Hotels give us discounts on their unsold rooms and you get to book amazing hotels at great prices. Three taps, one swipe, and you are booked! Download now to find deals so good hotels will not let us put it on the website.

Are hotels cheaper with cash?

It depends on the management. You’re more likely to get the discount if it’s a small hotel or a 1 or 2 star hotel and if it’s not high season. Some hotel have a surcharge for using credit cards as they want cash but will not reduce the room rate. I would ask when you check in to see if they will give a cash discount.

What is the best day to book a hotel?

Cheapest Day to Book Hotel Reservations – Most travel agencies agree that the cheapest days to book hotels are Fridays and Saturdays. While these are the most expensive days for actually checking in and out, the best hotel rates are on the days when most people are traveling. How To Find Best Hotel Deals Booking hotels on Sunday through Wednesday tends to be more expensive, because this is when most people plan their vacations and drive up the prices. The cheapest day to book hotel reservations also tends to fall within two to three weeks of your trip.

  • Some accommodations will drop their prices about 15 days before your desired date, but the best hotel rates will also depend on the season, holidays, and the type of booking hotels use to make reservations for their customers.
  • Because the best time to book a hotel is inconsistent, it is recommended to get a refundable booking if you want to secure a room in advance.

This way, you can change at the last minute if you find a better deal. If you choose this option, book directlythrough the site to avoid travel agency fees.

What months are hotels cheapest?

The best month to book hotels in the US is September. During the month of December, hotel bookings are 6% cheaper on average. The second cheapest month to book a hotel deal is March. Avoid October, as this is the most expensive time to book a hotel stateside.

Can I cancel hotel after first night?

Can you cancel a hotel booking after you have checked in? Yes, but you won’t receive a refund. Of the hotels that do allow free cancellation, most limit it to no less than 24 or 48 hours ahead. In most cases, if you haven’t already paid, your credit card details will have been taken and your card will be charged.

Can I call a hotel to get a better rate?

Thirty years ago, before hotel websites and online travel agencies, you might call a hotel yourself and ask for their “best available rate.” You’d be thinking that you’re clever, they’re going to give you the best rate that’s available not some higher rate.

  • Little did you know that the hotel’s rack rate was named “Best Available Rate” or BAR.
  • You were asking for a non-discounted rate.
  • So should you still call a hotel for the lowest rate, and what should you ask for? According to a laughable AOL article you should call a hotel directly to secure the best price and use a three word incantation to save 20% off of the lowest price online.
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(HT: 777 Global Mile Hound ) Then you’re going to drop some magic words. While you might be tempted to ask for “the best deal” or “the lowest rate,” your secret weapon here is to use the phrase “cheapest nonrefundable rate.” According to experts at Travel + Leisure, that phrase triggers hotel staff to search for the room that will cost you the least for your vacation.

At many hotels ringing a property to book a reservation will just get you kicked to the chain’s central reservations calls center. If you do get, say, a Marriott hotel employee at a property to look up rates for you they’re now banging away at a system that’s very similar to what you see on the Marriott.com website.

Indeed, they even start by searching for their own hotel. There are, however, situations where you can secure a better rate booking directly with a hotel than you can booking through the chain they’re a part of.

Independent hotels, or loosely associated hotels. A hotel that isn’t part of Marriott, Hyatt, etc. but perhaps ‘Small Luxury Hotels’ or another looser association. Even though SLH Hotels has a best rate guarantee (note: booking SLH properties through Hyatt does not come with such a guarantee) you may be able to negotiate something directly. To be sure they may undercut online pricing, saving themselves commission and pocketing the difference. Negotiate a contract rate. If you’re a regular at a hotel property, and are going to be giving them quite a bit of business, they may be willing to offer you a guaranteed rate valid even when they’re full. This rate will have to be negotiated locally with the property and booked directly with the property, usually by email with a designated person. Event rate. Having an event at a hotel, and setting aside a room block, will come with a specific rate that may be lower than what’s generally available. Usually that will involve guaranteeing a certain number of rooms though not always. I’ve certainly gotten special rates for events without making a commitment to a hotel, just a rate code to give out in order to send the hotel business. (They aren’t going to offer other concessions along with a non-guaranteed event rate that they would with a contracted room block.)

The Nines, Portland In any case except for the smallest individually owned hotel you’re not going to get better deals ringing up and asking the property clerk for a better rate. You usually need to speak to a designated person such as the ‘on-property revenue manager’.

Often, though, entirely apart from room rate discounts — major chain hotels try to enforce pricing uniformity — you may be able to obtain add-ons like upgrades, breakfast, late check-out and on-property discounts. This is especially common with luxury hotels where there’s a lot of margin to play with.

You almost never want to book luxury hotels directly with the chain they’re a part of, or even directly with the hotel itself. Instead third party luxury agents often both earn a commission and can provide better perks for the property. The specific benefits that attach to each booking path vary.

Virtuoso Four Seasons Preferred Partners American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts Visa Infinite Hotels and Visa Signature Hotels Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection World Mastercard Hotels

Charleston Place Hotel As long as you’re not booking a prepaid rate through these channels stays are generally even eligible for hotel loyalty points, elite stay credit, and elite recognition when the property is part of a chain that offers this. And of course at truly luxury properties there are high end agents with real on-property relationships, that drive enough business to a hotel, to get their guests special treatment.

Why is booking,com cheaper than the hotel site?

Hotels are cheaper on booking.com because they offer a wide variety of discounts and deals that you won’t find anywhere else. They also have access to exclusive rates from hotels around the world, so you can get great savings when booking your stay.

How far out should I book a hotel?

10 hotel booking mistakes (and how to avoid them) Booking a hotel seems pretty straightforward, right? And most times it is: Pick a destination, choose your dates, enter payment info and voila, happy travels! However, there are some big blunders you could be making when it comes to hotel reservations. From booking on the wrong sites to forgetting to check some vital information, these mistakes could easily make or break your trip. Read on to find out what you must avoid when booking that hotel room. Always expecting the best room I was recently chatting with a front-desk agent about how her hotel chain distributes rooms at check-in. Curious, I asked what method her staff uses to determine who gets the best-located rooms. She revealed this surprising tidbit: Those who book through the hotel website or are hotel loyalty members usually get first dibs on room assignments, with the better views and quieter locations. Travelers who book through online travel agencies (OTAs), like Priceline, often receive “run of the house” rooms (what she called “ice-machine rooms,” or basically whatever is left). The agent couldn’t tell me just how many hotel chains do this, but she said it was a “fairly common practice” and that it sweetens the deal for travelers who book at regular rates. The fix: Joining hotel loyalty programs is often free, and being a member can guarantee better room placement, free nights or helpful amenities like complimentary breakfast or Wi-Fi. If having the best possible room is key to happy travel, then book directly through the hotel’s website. But when those low, low OTA prices can’t be beat—we know the feeling—you can always make a request for a certain type of room or location. Expecting requests to be guaranteed King bed or two doubles? High floor or low? Non-smoking? Water views? Three single red M&Ms? When reserving your hotel, most booking engines will allow you to make requests or add comments regarding your stay. However, in the teeny-tiny fine print, most hotels also say that your requests aren’t guaranteed. The fix: The old adage “Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed” holds true here, but it’s cold comfort when you really wanted a certain amenity. First, know that hotels will generally try to honor your requests. If, at check-in, you find your double beds have become one or you were placed in a smoking room, speak to the front-desk agent and request a change—politely. Also, it’s well worth calling the hotel before you arrive to confirm your requests, especially if any were made for medical reasons. Using incorrect arrival and departure dates Of this travel sin, I am guilty as charged. On an overseas trip several years ago, I noted that my flight left on May 14th, so I booked my destination hotel starting the night of May 14th. Rookie mistake. I completely neglected to check that my flight was a red-eye that landed early in the morning of the 15th. This means I paid for an expensive (and nonrefundable) room that I didn’t need. The fix: Unlike your hapless writer, make sure you have your flight itinerary on hand when booking, and double-check the dates of your arrival and departure. Also consider time zones. If you’re crossing the International Date Line in transit, yes, your check-in dates could be different than you expect. It’s also not a bad idea to have someone look over your booking before you hit “confirm” or “pay,” just to ensure that the dates you have selected are correct. Not using a credit card When booking a hotel, credit cards are king. Not only do credit cards offer rewards like airline miles, free night stays or cash-back bonuses, but they also offer certain guarantees that debit cards and cash do not (such as fraud protection or immediate refunds for mischarges). Another tip that many travelers don’t know? Most hotels will require an incidental deposit if you use a debit card to protect themselves against overdraft fees if your account has insufficient funds. These additional deposits can add up: I once paid a $100 deposit in Las Vegas that wasn’t refunded to my account for two weeks. The fix: If you are wise with money management and choose the right type of credit card, you could see plenty of benefits when booking accommodations. rounds up the top credit cards with travel benefits. Also make sure to scope out Tim Winship’s column, which SmarterTravel runs each week. In it, Winship lists current credit card promotions. Making reservations for the wrong hotel Travelers, beware: A misleading hotel name or location description could lead you to book an airport hotel when you think you’re getting centrally located accommodations. You would be surprised how often travelers see the name of the hotel and reserve it quickly without checking to see if it’s located in the right place. After all, some hotels may call themselves “located near the heart of downtown,” but a quick search could reveal that it’s located at the airport two hours away. The fix: Check the mailing address and find the hotel’s exact location on Google Maps. Always enter the hotel’s address and see how far it is from popular attractions and restaurants by foot, by car or by public transport. Try entering the addresses of some attractions you’d like to see while in your destination and map the route. You may also want to explore the neighborhood with Google Maps Street View. And if there are multiple hotels by the same chain in that city, make sure you have booked yourself at the property in the correct neighborhood—the Hyatt Times Square and the Hyatt Flushing are very different indeed. Not accounting for taxes and resort fees Back in March, contributing editor Ed Perkins reported one of the we’d seen yet. At a hotel in Colorado, the decent $170 room rate was artificially inflated with a $35 cleaning fee, a $40 resort fee, a $10 pool-and-spa fee, and a $5.10 processing fee. Ouch. The fix: You may be able to fight some fees, such as housekeeping or newspaper delivery, if you don’t wish to avail yourself of such services. Others, like resort fees, are mandatory, so you need to account for the additional cost when you book that hotel. Hotels are expected to display resort fees clearly, but OTAs may not and instead include vague language like “additional fees may apply.” So call the resort and ask point-blank about additional resort fees before you book. As for taxes? Much like security lines, you aren’t getting out of those. Not checking reviews If you’ve ever taken a spin on Oyster’s feature, you know that hotels go to great lengths to make their properties seem perfect. But upon arrival, that infinity pool could really be the size of a postage stamp, and those sumptuous linens could feel like sandpaper. Take anything a hotel says about itself with a grain of salt (or sand). The fix: Do your research. Reading user reviews is a tricky balancing act. You want to read as many reviews as you can without suffering from information overload. You also want reviews to be unbiased and recent. The best way to get an accurate picture of the resort is to choose your review sites wisely. TripAdvisor and Oyster (which, like us, is owned by TripAdvisor) offer pretty accurate previews of what your hotel has to offer; Oyster’s room photos are a great resource if you wonder how your room stacks up to the hotel’s own slick—and possibly Photoshopped—images. Be suspicious of reviewers who have overly effusive praise, and the converse holds true, too: If you see that Bob Grump has given one measly star to every hotel he’s ever checked in to, feel free to question Bob Grump’s judgment. Booking at the wrong time As most procrastinators will readily admit, waiting until the last minute to make travel plans can have dire consequences for your credit card balance. Hotel rates can soar in the days leading up to a particular date, and you could be left without a room if everything books up (or if nothing left is within your budget). On the other hand, being an advanced planner can have its own disadvantages: Sure, you may want to have all of your travel ducks in a row as soon as possible, but it can actually cost you money to book your hotel room too early. The fix: There are no easy answers as to when, exactly, is the best time to book a hotel room. Rates depend on many factors: location, seasonality, convention crowds, even weather. As a general rule of thumb, booking more than 21 days ahead of your arrival date is a no-no for the most popular destinations; you’ll be putting yourself at risk for jacked-up prices. Your best bet is to start checking prices at least 40 days in advance and monitor the trend. If prices seem to go up, book. If you want to make sure you get the lowest rate, the hotel booking site Tingo (SmarterTravel’s sister company) will automatically monitor your hotel and rebook you at the new lower rate if prices drop. Of course, if you have waited until the 11th hour and hotel pickings seem slim, check out the Hotel Tonight app for truly last-minute deals. Not comparing prices Saw a hotel you loved advertised at a “great price!” and immediately plunked down a credit card number and booked? Wrong: Without doing proper research, you could be missing out on big savings. The fix: When it comes to prices, compare, compare, compare. Use websites that have metasearch functionality (which means that they show multiple prices from multiple booking sites in one window). Compare the rates on the property’s website to the rates you find on Priceline, on Expedia, on Groupon Getaways or in travel brochures. Also look into the types of booking discounts that are available and which ones can save you the most money. (For example, you may get 10% off with a hotel chain’s summer sale, but your AAA discount could be larger.) As a general rule of thumb, you should check at least three different sites for each hotel booking. Booking nonrefundable rates Every wondered why nonrefundable rates are cheaper than the regular rack rates, even if the room is the same? It’s because the hotelier benefits from the lower price, too. Locking you in at that low rate guarantees she or he won’t have an empty room, which would cost the hotelier money. Of course, trying to pinch a few pennies will end up costing you if you need to cancel. The fix: If there is any chance at all that you’ll need to cancel your hotel reservation—bad weather, difficult connection, chance of illness—then forgo the nonrefundable rate. Yes, you’ll pay more up front, but you won’t be out much bigger bucks should you need to put your trip on hold. And, if you book your hotel through a flash-sale site or online travel retailer (OTA), triple-confirm the site’s cancellation policy; these low prices are often not refundable, and no amount of begging will bring your money back. : 10 hotel booking mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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What is Moby trip?

MobyTrip is a hotel booking website. Page · Travel agency. [email protected]. mobytrip.com. Always open.

What is Bookety?

Bookety is a unique booking system that gives you direct access to 200,000 bookable activities and provides recommendations on best tourist attractions in a selected area. With this service, travelers can easily discover and book incredible experiences.

Why do hotels want direct bookings?

Direct booking is a crucial component of the distribution mix for hoteliers because it helps them to increase revenue, improve guest experience, and reduce dependency on online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia and Booking.com.

What are the cons of direct hotel booking?

Cons for Hotel Deal Sites – While there aren’t many cons these days for hotel booking through third-party sites, there are a few small things to consider.

You might miss out on loyalty points or deals if you don’t stay consistently with certain hotel chains or book directly through them. Direct bookings are prioritized at check-in, so there’s a small chance you could get bumped to another room or there can be an error with the reservation.

How do you reserve your hotel rooms? Have any tips? Do you swear by a certain method? : The Pros and Cons of Hotel Deal Sites Vs Booking Direct